Inherent Vice ★★★★½

Doc Sportello: And the ship?
Sauncho-Man... they removed any traces of soul she once had, it's a horror story.
Doc Sportello: Are you emotionally involved? With the boat?

Inherent Vice is a movie that gets better with every watch. Its almost entirely too much to take in on the first viewing. Inherent Vice is one of those movies where the trip is more important than the destination.
In a way, my first watch of Inherent Vice reminded me of the Big Lebowski. Both main characters unexpectedly become involved in a situation that leads them on a journey for the length of the film. In both, the plot details are of far less importance opposed to the odd situations and characters that the main characters encounters along the journey. Focusing too much on the plot takes away from the hilarious physical humor that occurs in some scenes. If you can go along for the trip, Inherent Vice is a great movie