Zsófia Vera

I keep coming back to the warm space that cinema offers with dilated pupils and an embrace that engulfs me whole.

Favorite films

  • Zodiac
  • Ghost World
  • Control
  • Blinded by the Light

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  • Annette


  • Titane


  • The Mauritanian


  • Last Night in Soho


Recent reviews

  • Annette


    I can certainly recognise Carax’s unique way of assembling and presenting a story, and the exploration of darkness and egotism in the celebrity world is a fascinating topic. 

    But, the film advances at such a slow pace that I fell asleep during one of the central scenes that happens on a boat. I woke up to more tedious musical interludes, whose lyrics seem to be based in the prosaic striving to be lyrical.

    In exploring the increasingly dark ruminations of…

  • Titane


    A second viewing of Titane was a treat — this time, I knew when to cover my eyes and look away from the screen.

    Titane feels like a mirror to the director’s previous film. It is a distorted fairy tale from the same book that birthed Grave (English Title : Raw), and a way of furthering the exploration that was initiated by it.

    As in Grave—a surprise international horror hit—the turmoil in Titane lies in the body and, more specifically,…

Popular reviews

  • Suspiria



    Due to very minimal distribution here in France, I watched Suspiria in a suitably dingy small screen near Strasbourg's impressive cathedral, on an almost full moon, at 22.00 (the only screening available).

    I can safely say that I've not been this disturbed, enthralled, fascinated and repulsed by a film in a long time. 

    One critic referenced Aronoffsky's "mother!" above but contrary to that positively nihilistic film, this one contains a poetic life force that is to reckoned with. 

    There is…

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho is terrifying. It explores every woman's worst nightmare.

    Contrary to his previous films, the film revolves exclusively around the two female leads, Ellie and Sandie. Male characters are peripheral and, apart from Ellie’s sweet love interest, men are presented as wholly menacing.

    From Matt Smith’s leery manager to the army of truly terrifying faceless ghosts, the film explores the depths of abuse that men are so easily capable of.

    The depiction of the threat of men…