A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

Just like First Man ain't about space (it's about grief) & just like Jaws ain't about sharks (it's about divorce) : A Quiet Place ain't about horrible monsters who prey when it's loud, it's about the exploration of a family unit in crisis! Yes! #WITTERTAINMENT

In all seriousness however, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It made me cringe, jump and hold my breath and the whole time I was smiling, as a hugely satisfied and consenting spectator.

Krasinski knows how to set the mood and masters the beats of the horror genre while still applying a great dose of tenderness to the plot -- the fact that he directs himself & real life spouse Emily Blunt adds hugely to the film in my opinion. It feels really sincere, like a family stage play crafted for their own entertainment as well as our own.