A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born ★★★★


I did not expect to be so goose bumbedly affected by this third remake of the archetypal tale of the male mentor and his young female protégée, but I was!

The live musical performances of songs written and performed by Bradley Cooper and Gaga add so much heart and soul to the movie already, but it's their complicity and chemistry that is so freaking palpable and enthralling.

I've seen this twice and whenever she opens her mouth to sing I just get so damn overwhelmed I can't stop crying until I reach the bus stop outside the cinema. She is incredibly good!

What I love about this film is that it speaks of personal courage, artistic creation, daring to be oneself ; but also about addiction, depression and a toxic masculinity resulting almost accidentally from all of the above. I found Bradley Cooper's portrayal of an alcoholic rockstar to be sincere and moving and sometimes quite disturbingly real in the ways he bullies others to isolate himself even further.

"Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore?" -- a tale for our times. I hope it gets all of the accolades it deserves. ❤️