Black Panther

Black Panther ★★★★★

Remember when this film came out at the beginning of last year, in the midst of what could only be categorised as global Marvel fatigue, reinvigorated perhaps ever so slightly by Thor Ragnarok but overall ... pretty sleepy?

And then echo of a new film came, one that was audaciously using the superhero format to not even reinvent the genre but to celebrate a culture seldom nay never celebrated on such a platform, and addressing in passing burningly current topics such as the virtues of isolationism vs the advantages of global alliances?

And if that wasn't enough, Ryan Coogler also effortlessly created the most unabashedly feminist film that will undoubtedly be studied for years to come -- that scene where the Queen Mother, her daughter, her almost stepdaughter and the army general all go on a pilgrimage to attempt to save T'Challa is one of the most beautiful spectacles of female strength in film.

And on top of all that, Coogler is quietly creating his oeuvre with the leitmotiv of Michael B and Oakwood always in the background, as a reminder maybe on his personal history honoured on film.