First Reformed

First Reformed ★★★★½

I love this film so much! Have you seen it? Do you love it?

Such a vast cornucopia of themes in this -- faith, despair, politics, PTSD ... and yet somehow it all comes together under the masterful hand of Paul Schrader.

Ethan Hawke is far from the Gattaca/Linklater days I grew up watching him in -- his portrayal of a weary priest undergoing a crisis of faith is tender and sometimes funny even in the moments of stoic self flaggelation and for once his handsome face truly don't look so young no more.

Amanda Seyfried is so perfectly cast as the metaphoric angel seeping the film with the sublime.

It was weird, it was stupendously awe-inspiring and very, very unexpected, and I truly cannot wait to watch this beautiful movie again ❤️