Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

Should you find yourself subsumed in the despondency of these long January eves ... PT by PTA is just one remedy you may consider to rid that blues away and fill it up with some classic Hollywood feel gently riddled with poison

'Cause this story of a cantankerous designer and the new muse who will not be relegated to being a mere amusement sips fine like the exaggeratedly poured tea she offers him alongside his dinner of love scrambled with ... what, really? Envy, possession, rancour, bitterness ... the shadow of a Mother always.

That warm warning of a score by Jonny Greenwood accompanies what is best consumed as a rich post-prandial Sunday feast of a movie, surrounded by a vast array of precise intoxicants because yes :

"Whatever you do,
Do it carefully."