Lately I've been in the mood to watch as many fantasy films from the 80's and 90's as I can get my hands on. I've focused mainly on the ones I missed out on during my childhood. Not only had I missed this one, it popped up repeatedly while searching for titles to check out. So I gave it a shot.

In all likelihood, if I had grown up watching this film I may have been able to look past the cliched hodgepodge of sci-fi and fantasy ideas jammed into this film. However, having just seen it for the first time as an adult I couldn't ignore the lack of substance. Again that may have been forgivable if only the rest of it were a fun ride filled with imaginative fantasy adventure elements, or even a coherent story filled with well developed characters that make sense. Sadly none of that was present.

It blatantly rips off Star Wars and Lord of the Rings with a hint of the Odyssey, but with none of the depth that made those stories worthwhile. They search for a magical throwing star, are somehow inexplicably immune to fire and lava, and by the end of the film we realize the damsel in distress could have ended the threat and kept a lot of people from dying right from the beginning if only the writers hadn't been so focused on making this a male dominated story. Sure, it was a product of a different time, but all the best classics manage to hold up over time. This one does not.