Quarantine ★★½

Another late night movie on TV viewing for me...

This film is effective enough in its horror/thriller attempts. It has its share of cheap thrills even if many of them are fairly typical of the genre. But the main thing this film has going against it is the fact that it's remaking the fan favorite Spanish film "REC." That alone seems enough to drop the rating by at least a star for most.

If, like me, you haven't seen that film, you're likely to have a different reaction. Most of the performances work, especially that of lead Jennifer Carpenter. And the final act of the film does ratchet up the tension quite a bit. I don't usually go for these sorts of films, so I was surprised how hard a time I was having looking away. It does become a surprisingly tense thriller. That said, this film is light on pretty much everything else that makes for a good film.