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  • Sicario



    Watched with Nandita, she posed a very interesting question after we finished; why do movies like these have to exist? Why do we need to be reminded about the horrors of the world when we so obviously have horrors right in front of our eyes from the pandemic. The motives from Brolin's character are understandable yet still incense me, needing control over something does not necessitate the response that was so easily written off.

    I personally feel that films like…

  • Some Kind of Heaven

    Some Kind of Heaven


    I think this is one of my favorite films ever. The cinematography is like nothing else I've seen in recent memory, it's absolutely enrapturing. Each frame from this film is great enough to deserve to be in a gallery. The stunning sharpness and color of each close up is truly something.

    Some Kind of Heaven is like a photo essay that got turned into a movie, with each frame being a captivating photo all by itself but when put together…