• Triangle of Sadness

    Triangle of Sadness


    tf? (non derogatory)

  • Fire of Love

    Fire of Love


    There is so much to love with this, wow. 

    The story of Katia and Maurice is beautiful and tragic, the shots that Maurice gets even though he doesn’t call himself a filmmaker, the actual volcanoes themselves! Not mentioning the absolute pleasure it must’ve been to be able to go through the krafft’s archives or 16mm. I wonder if I could order prints of them 🤔

  • TÁR



    Great demonstration of how art is inextricably linked to the artist yet at the same time completely not.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Watched in my race, gender & sci fi class :D

  • Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain


    Forlorn gay love in the west.

    Felt very low key and anti Hollywood, throws you straight into the story without any teasers and let’s you figure it out all by yourself. Miss films like that greatly.

    Makes me want to be gay and go into the mountains.

  • The Master

    The Master


    Sadly my watch got separated in to a couple of parts, always feel guilty when that happens :(

    Incredible acting, cinematography, color, story and everything, wow. Quite happy if this is any indication where auteur cinema is going.

    Kinda very gay between Freddy and mr Dodd, the codependency is exquisite!

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    Hollywood did good on this one

  • Memoria



    I saw a review that drew similarities between Jacques Tati‘s work and this and I completely agree. Most likely why I enjoy this film so much.

    Super meditative and touches on feelings and experiences that exist outside of the medium of cinema.

    If you watch, make sure you have a good sound system.

    Sad I didn’t get the little filmstrip either time I went to see it :(

  • The Man from Toronto

    The Man from Toronto


    horrifyingly straight, extremely obvious and stereotypical action vehicle, and just kinda dookie

  • The Gray Man

    The Gray Man


    another copy n paste, mr & mr russo what are u doing??

  • Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

    Marcel the Shell with Shoes On


    So adorable and cute and wonderful!

    I love marcel with all my heart, just wish there was more nana screen time.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Watched in seattle.

    It truly is one of my favorite movies and easily favorite of 2022.

    This didn’t stand out to me in my first watching but it’s so encouraging and heartwarming and wonderful how much a part of identity and queerness and acceptance comes into play.

    Plus the skill required to make this level of art is incredible!! The cinematography was absolutely beautiful, incredibly crispy. The choreography was truly beautiful and natural. The story was greatly done and felt…