47 Meters Down ★★★

I have a thing for chicke... sharks and I'm shit scared of the ocean; the darkness that seemingly goes on for thousands of miles. The darkness and the creatures it harbors. I digress.

So, I have a thing for sharks, they make me uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. And a shark suddenly showing itself out of the dark should not bite but bark... I digress again.

It's 2019 and we have 3000 feet long sharks, sharks in shallow waters, sharks in a fucking swimming pool, just like in the song; "there's a shark in the pool and a witch in the tree, and the creepy old neighbor is watching me"; airborne sharks, fucking Sharknado - it's the age of sharkploistation and this baby just made this pilgrim very upset.

Lovely tight spaced, tension filled, deep sea, survival horror by Johannes Roberts that keeps harassing the senses until there is nothing to be harassed... That ending though: full points!

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