Automata ★★★½

Three directives one plot device:
-Serve the public trust
-Protect the innocent
-Uphold the law
Secret catch: Do not arrest or injure any senior OCP employee
That was 'Robocop, 1987'.

One protocol and one plot trapping:
-Prevent the robot from harming any form of life
Not so secret catch: Prevent the robot from altering itself and other robots
'Automata, 2014'

The opening makes the viewer feel sorry for a toaster. Really sorry; wanting to kick the guy in the balls for doing that to the unarmed toaster. The scene broke my heart just like the visuals from an 'unmanned aircraft bombing' in night vision, sometimes getting the coordinates wrong and blowing away dinner guests.

Automata is magnificently painted by Alejandro Martínez in stark white with tons of grey. The washed out look of the film gives it the realistic look of a shiny bright but melancholy future where the suit jacket lapels stop at one peak or are completely missing. The costumes although primitive for 2044 give Automata the look of a (middle to lower strata group) colony built on a planet far away. After sundown the colony turns into Japan (not futuristic looking at the rate those guys are advancing in technology) where there are 'Big Sister Style' announcements instead of forecast of rain or sunshine, for the robots control the weather through mechanical clouds and have built walls around the few zones declared safe after solar storms fucked up Earth.

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