Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

What? No National Guard? The donut-shaped UFO is at least thirty, forty stories high and probably bigger than a baseball field. It can be sighted from anywhere. So, where's the National Guard, the media, the "asset" on ground, the code black or the 1621: declaration of national emergency by the Commander in Chief?

At least Snyder had the good sense of showing a few police officers, couple of Saleen Mustang Police cruisers and an entire cavalry with their tanks and their bombs and a control room issuing orders.

"Bogey number two is Superman, Mr President." Heck, even the president was praying for God to bless them when he gave orders to strike the duo with a dirty missile.

Not a single cop on the streets of New York? And I think I saw one or two (instead of 600) yellow cabs when the "Black Order first makes contact.

Perhaps Superman doesn't answer to anyone, "maybe not even God", but if that is the case, he does choose to not answer to an entity, which is there. Plus, he is presented to a legal open hearing after reducing Metropolis to rubble.

Alright, OK, only the first act was set on Earth and then it was Titan, Knowhere, Asgard and basically space for the rest of the acts, but still; where is the National Guard? Who does Stark answer to? Mr. Body Heat, CIA (was it?) Director William McChord, played by the brilliant Willaim Hurt since 2008; who is literally waived off by Lt. Rhodes to appear a year later, maybe, in "Endgame".

Director William McChord will return. Or will he?

Well, films like these are watched with a sense of disbelief settling in before buying the popcorn and therefore the Law is The Avengers (and not Karl Urban - damn), among other things they keep calling themselves. And how did Scarlet Witch acquire a slick Brooklyn accent from being born and raised in Slovakia (accords) and having a sexy; having sex with Thanos sexy (don't believe me? Check the Oldboy US remake) Long Island twang. If I may?

So, lets put a National Guard on that face!