Inherent Vice ★★★★½

I did not understand a single frame; lovely frames with the very obvious and deliberate stage lit moon to the mickey-moles throughout the 148 minute 'Bogart Principle' show n' tell.

Is 'Doc' the new 'Dude'? Nonsense. But it sure seems like it.

I so did not get it man, it's not even funny. Well the film felt mad funny. Yeah.

Nevertheless I loved it for its quirks, 'Wolverine Dude', 'Infinite boobies moment' and big (Michael Z. Wolf) mann, Roberts' cameo monologue. And the fact that Anderson has made 'There will be Blood, 2007' and the direction, the music, the performances. Holy gawkamolly. Did I spell that right?

Lovely film but wtf was it about?

Who the fuck is Jade?

What happens in a P. T. Anderson film stays in a P. T. Anderson film.

I'm more confused than the time I was signing on the fucking custody papers.


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