The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

It is good to realise that films like these are still being made, films with just enough cockiness, the right amount of hamming it up for the forced laugh (which does come naturally, even if in ridicule), a scene showing how fate turns on a dime or a leaf of a check-book in this case, a "Jaws II" billboard, an adequate supply of hand-to-hand action, a run time which could've been shorter but lets just pretend I didn't write that for the film is just rightly done at close to two hours. It is indeed refreshing to learn that a 'retro-gumshoe/Detective Magazine' film can still manage to entertain when done with sufficient lens flares, drawn out shots in boxy set-pieces and a very dangerous hitman. It is quite a treat to watch the unlikeliest of stars buddy up to solve 'the crime of the century', it is also quite fantastic to make the acquaintance of a detective who can't smell and a fat, out of shape Gladiator who is now a gun for hire.

"The Nice Guys" is everything the tagline, "they're not that nice" proposes and then we get a cameo from a woman who once put the screens on fire just by eating grapes a certain way; here she gives the viewers a lesson in fortuity and greed. It reminded me of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and what do you know, Shane Black also directed that one.

With a high impact opening and just enough wit, this one comes across a winner in almost all areas.

A must watch

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