Fall Guy ★★★½

Love that theme song. I'm just going to write the lyrics here as my review, because for some reason when I search online they don't appear anywhere. Also who wrote these song lyrics (and music)?

Kamata, city of rainbows, harbor of light, the world of film
Flowers and the smell of spring everywhere you look
Even a short romance gets burned into the camera's eye
Brimming with youth and full of life is the world of film

Gripping the heart, sharing memories
From flowers to shining stars, they all mingle on the set
Deep in the camera's glance the shadows of faces are etched
A land of vanishing illusion, the world of film

Kamata, blooming in spring flowers, the city of film
A daydream spread across the sky for all to see
Where the bright green of spring can be adored forever
Living Kamata, youthful Kamata, the city of film