Over the Garden Wall ★★

Did not care for the simplistic animation (it's so flat, lacking dimensionality), did not care for the disconnected story structure, did not find the characters to be remarkable. Moments of peculiar intrigue keep this from being a total waste of time, but there's a lack of thematic and emotional depth, and it's not much fun, which leaves us with...what? A scattered handful of semi-interesting asides, held within a thin and partitioned shell, decorated with some sense of adventure, but quite pedestrian.

The concept here seems to be at odds with the delivery. There is too much talking when we should be getting poetic inference, and the moments of visual expression aren't given enough time to marinate, and/or lack a greater cohesive purpose. The choice of using these very short stories halts the forward momentum and the order is flawed too, not being well enough grounded in the real world before venturing into the fantastical. I sense a creative, good-hearted nature behind all of this, but it beats too erratically and immaturely.