The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter ★★★½

As a kid, I liked this one even more than the first one. The silver city was iconic for me, and the aspect of the wishes and the father following the kid's story was magical! I re-watched both, and I still kinda do like this one slightly more. There's a lot of campy fun (the costumes of the villainess are amazing LOL) and it's visually very appealing with all of the world-building details. I miss real sets in movies like this. Better to look at than CGI.

The main character being scared of diving from the high end, and the images of the waterfalls in Fantasia, really stuck with me as a kid. Also the memories fading away and having a missing parent. There was a sadness here and sense of overcoming fear and loss that really touched me then, and still has an effect now. Both of the Neverending Story movies end up lacking subtly about their themes and how they deliver it, but this one feels a little more tangible. I never cared for the cheesy ending of the first movie, with Sebastian riding Falcor out into the real world and scaring the bullies.