Zurrie has written 2 reviews for films rated ★½ .

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    The makeup effects aren't even convincing. Besides that clearly fake work, you can blatantly see the spiders walking on a piece of glass during those under shots where they are supposed to be crawling on a guy's face. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Stop wasting my time trying to hold this shit up as some kind of overlooked horror. It's trash, and so are you if you like it! :-P

  • Missing Link

    Missing Link


    Fell asleep on my first try. Wasn't any better when I continued more alert. Cheesy, unfunny, bland characters, unengaging plot. It's supposed to be an adventure movie but only has cliche chase scenes and dull montages between locations. No sense of exploring cultures either. The animation isn't even particularly commendable; I really dislike how the character's faces look here (annoying proportions and overly blocky), and very few of the backgrounds gave me a sense of wonder or contained interesting details.