Zurrie has written 6 reviews for films rated ★★ .

  • Over the Garden Wall

    Over the Garden Wall


    Did not care for the simplistic animation (it's so flat, lacking dimensionality), did not care for the disconnected story structure, did not find the characters to be remarkable. Moments of peculiar intrigue keep this from being a total waste of time, but there's a lack of thematic and emotional depth, and it's not much fun, which leaves us with...what? A scattered handful of semi-interesting asides, held within a thin and partitioned shell, decorated with some sense of adventure, but quite…

  • Francisca



    Terribly boring artifice. Static camera, lack of editing. Some shots are good looking but mostly it's obvious they are on a set, drained of real life. Blank acting, misuse of music in the later parts. Stilted dialogue, too much telling rather than showing. Probably the best costumes of 1981 though (but it was a weak year for the category).

  • Time Bandits

    Time Bandits


    Didn't expect to find this almost totally insufferable. The tone really grated on my nerves, it wasn't funny or entertaining. Visually there was less of interest than I was expecting, too many scenes are clearly on a set or have an unconvincing effect, ruining the suspension of disbelief. There's no real setup to the story, the characters aren't interesting, and it just pointlessly jumps between different setpieces, with an empty ending as well.

  • Judy



    A horribly inept biopic, with Zellweger giving a superficial and ineffective performance. Everything she does here is SO obvious and cloying, with mannerisms that aren't inhabiting a real person but instead are only an actor being twee and trying to garner sympathy. I could not stand watching her, it was such a cheap caricature. AND THE SINGING MISSES THE MARK.

    You can not play Judy effing Garland and not be able to deliver vocally, if doing your own singing. The…

  • The Traitor

    The Traitor


    A tedious, boilerplate mafia/courtroom drama. It's overlong, scattershot, lacks emotional connection, and has nothing new to say. Nor does it get inside the heads of these characters either, for at least some kind of relevant "inside mafia" humanistic perspective. Competently made, but that's it.

  • Adventures in Babysitting

    Adventures in Babysitting


    Aside from the "Babysitting Blues" scene, this was dull and pointless, with the occasional undercurrent of a stale worldview. The characters are mostly flat and totally static, while the plot is shallow and preposterous in ways that aren't creative enough to be funny or exciting. Watch the far superior 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead' if you're in the mood for a great comedy with a babysitting hook, where the main character's journey offers insights and empowerment.