Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

This is one of those film where you need to take a break before saying something, where your chest feels oppressed and you can't even tell if your heart is working properly.

Every single actor is at it's finest, which catches you right away, the main actor are able to talk to you through their eyes, to open themselves and to let you get to know every single gesture, every single movement and every whisper.
The aesthetic of the 80's is sutil yet with a perfect attention to detail, it shines in the most unexpected places and moments, and I live for it.

The photography is espectacular, it fits the all vibe and tone flawlessly, and at times the camera doesn't even feel there, which I'm sure is a combination of every element, but this type of "invisible camera" feel. doesn't happen often.

And now, the overall structure/script... I couldn't stop feeling involved with every character.
One thing this film does is that it shows, it makes you see, and it never judges its characters, it feels natural and truthful.

Elio, which is played by the ascending star Timothée Chalamet, is growing, getting to know himself.
Which plays a huge part of this narrative, yet it doesn't become a coming of age, and honestly I don't know if I got every single gesture and movement cause I felt it so similar to me (the character), or if it's because Chalamet does a marvelous, and I mean HUGE job as an actor, no wonder why everyone is obsessed with him.

Probably my favorite thing about this film is that it's like reading a book, you feel it, you see it, you can almos taste and smell, and at times you could feel that novel vibe, which it was probably the rhythm and the perfect time for 1)showing, 2) talking and 3)teasing.

But let's be honest, in some films there's pure magic.