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  • High Ground

    High Ground


    2021 Cinema Ranked

    White saviour BS. Despite looking at important issues regarding the persecution of indigenous people in the early history of our country, the indigenous characters at its core are given almost zero perspective or moments that aren’t framed by one of the white characters. Why Gutjuk and Gulwirri weren’t the main characters I’ll never know. The debut performances from Nayinggul and Marimowa are definitely the film’s highlights.

    It’s almost sickening how the third act just devolves into the…

  • Chaos Walking

    Chaos Walking


    2021 Cinema Ranked

    The only expectation I went in with was for the movie to indeed exist and I still feel let down. 

    Just a dull, lifeless, nothing movie with zero personality. Absolutely baffling that this took them 5 years, should’ve gone straight to streaming.

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  • American Made

    American Made


    It's so good that it made me forget that Tom Cruise was even in The Mummy.

  • Tenet



    Let me just preface this review with the fact that I am a huge Nolan fan. I love his brainy blockbusters and I think he's been on such a roll as of late, with more emotional films than he is given credit for.
    It breaks my heart to say that Tenet is the first film of his that I did not like.

    Tenet features Nolan's signature time fuckery gone rogue. At a base level, the plot revolves around this anti-terrorism…