Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Sound of Metal stars Riz Ahmed as metal drummer Ruben. His hearing is rapidly deteriorating, and he finds himself faced with the prospect of going deaf. With the help of Joe (Paul Raci) he joins a deaf community for support and struggles to come to terms with his situation.

Sound of Metal is an excellent film and everything I hoped it would be. Both the screenplay and Riz Ahmed's exceptional performance create a film that feels natural and raw, always opting for honesty and subtlety over melodrama. It's ultimately a film about coming to terms with losing the ability to do something you love. Ruben's struggle to accept his deafness is heartbreaking and difficult, and this results in a third act that is very tragically beautiful. The film is about making the best of what you have, while still acknowledging how cruel and unfair life can be.

Riz Ahmed does his career best work in this thing, and I truly hope he gets an Oscar nomination for his troubles.

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