Win It All

Win It All ★★★★

Joe Swanberg's latest is also his most scripted, most focused and most cinematic, and GODDAMN is it welcome!

As far as gambling addict stories go, this is one of the best I've ever seen. I did not expect going in to care so much about this protagonist, but I did, and I was rooting hard for a happy ending.
This is a movie that understands gambling addiction, and I absolutely applaud it for that. Eddie is a fuck-up, but he really does want to get his shit together. I absolutely loved that this movie focused more on the rises than the falls. More of the plot is dedicated to Eddie's efforts to turn his life around. When he fucks up and loses $20,000 that isn't his, he doesn't fall apart. He turns to his friends and family, seeks advice and sets a plan in motion to fix his mistakes. He slips up, but he's really fighting. I loved the movie for that, mad kudos for making me actually care about this character, rather than look down upon him.

Most of the credit here goes to Jake Johnson. He's been a great comedic actor for years, never seen him turn in a bad performance, and this one is his career best, showing what he's capable of. There are layers to his character, as I mentioned before, and he absolutely nailed it. Here's hoping this opens up some bigger roles for him, because he is perfect for these comedic dramas.. or dramatic comedies, not sure what box this movie fits in.

I enjoyed every second of this, it was alive, the performances were great and I felt genuine stakes and tension.

This is the best Netflix original since Hush and I highly recommend checking it out! Here's hoping Swanberg continues with this style of filmmaking because it turns out he's great at it. This is the kind of movie Netflix is perfect for, and they need to be getting ahold of more like this.