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  • Flee



    March Around the World 2022

    Denmark (Host Country)

    I officially finish my 5th challenge with the host country Denmark and their nominated film from this years International Award at the Oscar's. The idea of this put me so in the mind of Waltz of Bashir, but so much better. The way this was handled was great with some great animation going along with the heartbreaking story of the main character. How I would hate to have had to live a life like that.

    4/11 Danish Movies Ranked

    55/168 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award submissions Ranked

  • Do Re Mi Fa

    Do Re Mi Fa


    March Around the World 2022


    This was a strange movie. We had 4 individual stories which only intertwined by slight occurrences but overall didn't really have anything to do with each other. All could have been interesting stories on their own but the way this was handled just didn't work for me. I did pick up interest about half way through but it was fleeting and I went back into the boredom I was feeling. As for technical…

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  • Timecop



    Scavenger Hunt #43
    Task 1. Choose a movie from my list of my 5* Movies.

    I don't normally choose rewatches in the Scavenger Hunts, always trying to watch new things but since I'm hosting and one of the tasks was to watch one of my favourite movies than I had no choice in the matter.

    Since I had to watch one I thought why not get it out of the way so I could settle in to watching the 30 new-to-me movies.

    I have always been a big Van Damme fan and it is between this movie and Universal Soldier which one I love more.

  • Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


    The Letterboxd Season Challenge 2018-19
    Week 4: September 30th-October 6th
    Masters of Trash Week

    My thoughts on this movie changed as it went on, going up and down on whether I liked the movie or I didn't. In the end I knew the movie was cheesy going into it and it lived up to expectations. Therefore I couldn't really take that away from it so it eventually got a score slightly on the plus side from me.