Scavenger Hunt #43 (October 2018) - Host List

G'Day one and all and welcome to the 43rd edition of the Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt, I am your host Wayne and you are now entering my world. For the last six months I have been enjoying being one of the participants in these Scavenger Hunts and I didn't think I would ever get to host one myself, or at least for a long time anyway. Despite that when our main host Wood put out a call for a host for October I chucked my name up for contention and I was pleasently surprised when he accepted. Thus I am here now making this Hunt List up for you.

So what will my hunt consist of? That is simple, I am…

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There are 5 science fiction films in this list.

  • Timecop


  • Cell


  • Monkey Shines


  • Rollerball


  • Videodrome